Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility - Our commitment

We recognise our corporate responsibility to all parties that have an interest in our organisation.

We -

  • Ensure fair pay and conditions for our workers.
  • Ensure non-exploitation of our people or suppliers, either regards cost or expectations including working hours and deliverables.
  • Recruit locally and ensure diversity and equal opportunities in the workforce.
  • Ensure that our workers are competent have the required skills, knowledge, attributes, training and experience (aka SKATE) to fulfil their role to the best of their ability.
  • Respect the rights of our workforce to enter into collective bargaining arrangements and join trades unions.
  • Consult our workforce on our proposals, especially regards health & safety and significant organisational change.
  • Ensure as a minimum compliance with legal requirements regards health and safety to protect our people. We maintain our premises to provide a safe, healthy working environment where people want to work.
  • Will not tolerate any discrimination or harassment of people or others.
  • Ensure that our capability and disciplinary processes ensure a fair outcome to performance issues.
  • Ensure our people work in line with the principles of being a considerate contractor, acting in an environmentally considerate and legally compliant way. We will raise concerns with client’s where we determine these commitments have been compromised.
  • Work with local communities through local recruitment.
  • Ensure sound financial management so to continue the sustainability of the business as a local employee and business partner to our customers and supply chain.
  • Ensure that no bribery, corruption or fraud occurs within our company, and that we operate in a sound and ethical way.

We review this policy regularly and shall communicate this policy to all interested parties.

Approved on behalf of Infocus Resources Limited,

Tim Cole
Infocus Resources
21 January 2015

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